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60 Days Page

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Fast Results

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Patients per year

60 Days Page

One Guarantee


Fast Results


1000s Patients / y

looking to add new ways of getting more patients to your dental practice Fast and Without spending on ads?

One of the most challenging aspects of building a successful dental practice is attracting and keeping patients. You need to stand out from thousands of dentists and dental practices – all competing for the same business.

If you’re like most dentists, you’re….

Hoping and praying for word-of-mouth referrals

Running expensive paid ads that aren’t converting

Paying for costly marketing agencies with zero results

Wondering why your website isn’t getting traffic

Struggling to create an online presence for your business

Worried that your dental practice won’t survive
Finally, there’s an affordable way to ensure your practice grows, thrives and prospers!

SuperMap Booster is Your Secret Weapon for Super Growth!

Whether you’ve just launched a dental practice and are looking for new patients, or you want to increase your existing patient base, we’ve got you covered. Our breakthrough SuperMap Booster will ensure you dominate local searches, and put you in front of thousands of prospective patients before your competitors. Increase online visibility, attract throngs of new patients, and get listed on page one of search results in 30-90 days with up to 70% increase in traffic to your dental website.

How does SuperMap Booster work?

By optimizing your Google My Business listing with SEO and cutting-edge marketing strategies, your practice will rank high on Google when people search for dental services. Without spending a penny on paid ads, you’ll quickly become the go-to dentist in your area. That’s why SuperMap Booster is your most valuable investment for getting up to 40% more phone inquiries, up to 70% increase in traffic, and more new patients than you can handle.

Get on Page One of Search Results in Just 60 Days… Guaranteed!

It’s not rocket science. If you want to to attract throngs of new patients, your practice needs to be found. It’s estimated that 77% of prospective patients start their search for a new dentist online, making SuperMap Booster your most reliable source of business for your practice. Our expert digital marketing team uses search engine optimization (SEO) to dramatically increase your online visibility, and get your dental practice on page one of local search results without needing to pay for ad space. It’s the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to ensure your dental practice thrives and prospers.

Customized SEO-Optimized Landing Pages

One of the most exciting benefits of SuperMap booster are customized landing pages for your dental practice that target every single neighborhood. Each beautifully designed landing page is tailored with your dental practice’s unique brand, contact details, positive testimonials from patients, and location. Your landing page will rank high on search results for dental keywords, and drive throngs of prospective patients and quality referrals to your website.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It. Here’s What Dentists Are Saying….

A Few of the Top Dental Practices We’ve Helped to Grow…

Need More Convincing?

Check Out These Case Studies from Leading Dentists

Experience Rapid-Fire Growth of Your Dental Practice

Our company might be small but we have a big reach! Here are just a few reasons why more leading dentists trust us to grow their practice:

No Long-Term Contracts
Guaranteed First Page SEO Results in Just 30-90 Days
Total Exclusivity Within Your Local Market Area
Google Map Optimization via SuperMap Booster
Assistance with Web Pages/Landing Pages
Access to Patient Lead Management App (HIPAA)
Increased Visibility, Leads, and Conversions
And much more!

Meet Our Founder,

Zara Basiri

Dental Profit Machine was founded by former dental nurse, Zara Basiri, in 2016. Since then, she has helped dentists throughout the United States dominate local searches, attract new patients, and generate millions of dollars in additional profits.

Zara combines industry-specific knowledge with high-level SEO and digital marketing skills to help dentists take their practice to the next level within a matter of months (if not sooner). Though Dental Profit Machine doesn’t believe in long-term contracts, Zara prefers to work with long-term partners – to facilitate this, she goes above and beyond to keep each client happy.

Why We’re a Cut Above Marketing Agencies

Are marketing agencies robbing you blind? If you’re like most dental practices, you’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars working with agency after agency with zero return. Most marketing agencies underperform for a wide variety of reasons. For one thing, they don’t understand what dental practices truly need to succeed. Instead, they spread themselves too thin by working with multiple clients in different industries, using one-size-fits-all marketing strategies that don’t work for dentists.

It's estimated that 67% of their marketing budgets are wasted due to poor targeting strategies, only 4% of their digital ads receive more than 2 seconds of engagement, 67% of their marketing budgets are wasted due to poor targeting strategies, 90% of marketing managers leave ad campaigns running for over a week without any optimization, and 30% of leads are never contacted due to poor lead nurture.

At Dental Profit Machine, our passion is helping dentists grow their practices… and only dentists. We created SuperMap Booster as a more effective way to grow your practice than the outdated marketing strategies used by generalist marketing agencies. When you partner with Dental Profit Machine, you’ll get proven results for your marketing budget and maximize your ROI.

Ready to Skyrocket Your Dental Practice to the Next Level?

Zara and the team can help to ensure that we maximize your reach and competitive advantage, we only work with a limited number of practices and only ONE per region.

This is ONLY for people who are serious about becoming the dominant and Go-To dentist in their community and places are strictly limited. Enter your details below now to avoid disappointment and secure your game plan session.

Apply below to discover if there’s availability in your local area today.

Our Rock-Solid 100% SATISFACTION Guarantee

When you join us at Dental Profit Machine, you can invest with confidence because you’ll always be covered by satisfaction guarantee. In the extremely unlikely event we can’t help you rank page one within 60 days max, we’ll continue working for Free until you do rank page one – no questions asked.


How long does it take to get results?

60 to 90 days if you have an established Google My Business Listing on the map with some pre-existing rankings, 90 to 120 days if you have NO rankings and visibility on the map locally. Please take into consideration that we don't own Google company and they can have their own speed in taking our work into consideration and grant you the higher authority over your competitors on map search results.

What does SuperMap Booster include?

Separate landing pages design for every single neighbourhood you'd like to dominate depending on the package size you'll choose, plus Local Map SEO efforts to help you rank locally and boost your online visibility to hundreds and thousands of potential new patients.

Do I have to pay extra in ad spend?

We get this question a lot and the answer is, NO. You won't be paying extra in ad spend because this is an organic ranking effort and just like traditional Dental SEO that you don't pay for ads, this would be the same. We'll increase your visibility organically and for as long as we continue to maintain your organaic rankings, you will get extra exposure, traffic and patient calls from Google for free and without paying Google in ads.

What is the benefit of SuperMap Booster in comparison to other strategies?

It's fast to see results, unlike traditional dental marketing strategies, you don't have to wait 6+ months to see any results, you can see your progress starting literally in as little as 60 to 90 days. It's also more affordable, you won't pay a single penny and extra amount in ad spend, once your visibility increase, you'll get the extra website traffic and map calls / directions for free from Google. Additionally, the landing pages we design for you have the capability to rank page 1 and top 3 on google search results which will bring more traffic and patient calls from those landing pages too on top of the map rankings and higher visibility. And many more benefits that can be further explained on a game plan call with you.

Do I get consistent reports on my progress?

Yes, you will get monthly reports and full analytics on changes on your Map listing & Landing pages such as ranking progress (visibility), number of calls, direction requests, traffic to your site and so much more...however, we suggest to allow 60 days before you see movements on your rankings and progress specially if you had no existing rankings / visibility previously.

Will you be working with my competitors in the same area too?

No, we only work with ONE dentist in any specific area (100% Exclusivity is up to 5 miles in very dense areas, however, we can have very low dense areas exclusivity increase to up to 15 miles and also it depends on which package and radius / distance you choose around your business location), therefore if your competitor sign up with us before you or have already signed up, we cannot take you as a client anymore. The best bet is to schedule your game plan call with us and if it seemed like a good fit for your business, lock in your area with us for exclusivity by signing up to one of our SuperMap Booster packages.

My area is very competitive and competitors have huge marketing budget in comparison to me, would SuperMap Booster still work for me?

Yes, we have experience outcompeting huge brands, corporate brands and / or competitors with huge marketing budget. Just because a competitor has a big marketing budget doesn't mean they know what they are doing and their strategies are profitable / effective. Our strategies are proven to not only outrank big corporates / competitors, but also get results and get them Fast so your huge competition shouldn't scare you and we don't even care much about who we're competing against when using SuperMap booster cause we know our strategies WORK, it only means it's going to take slightly longer to get results knocking all competitions down, that's it.

Another thing is that SuperMap booster strategy is our own unique strategy that your competitors are NOT aware of, neither have any clue on how to do it so you can lock in your area by signing up to one of our SuperMap Booster packages and leave your competitors regretful for not doing it before you. :)

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel at any time as long as you give us a 30 days notice in writing. Our agreements are Month-to-Month so you're not locked into anything unlike other marketing agencies that lock you into long-term expensive contracts and their work quality deteriorate after a while. We'd like our clients to stay with us for as long as they are happy with the return on their investment so we don't lock anyone in any contract. Just like any other great product and services, our service might not be for everyone either.

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